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Blueberry Crape Recipe


·          All-purpose flour-100gm

·         Milk- 200ml

·         Sugar-50gm

·         Butter-50gm

·         Egg-1

·         Blueberry Sauce

·         IGLOO ice-cream

·         Chocolate syrup


1.      In a medium bowl mix all-purpose flour, egg and sugar

2.      Add milk gradually and mix it well (or blend) to make the batter(dough)

3.      Add melted butter

4.      Set a nonstick frying pan over medium heat

5.      Add 1/3-cup batter and swirl to completely cover bottom of pan.

6.      Cook until the edges of crape curl up and underside of the crape is golden brown

7.      Remove the crape from the pan

8.      Spread blueberry sauce in the crape and fold it into a triangle shape

9.      Add your favorite IGLOO ice-cream flavor and chocolate syrup on the top of the crape before serving